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Lost Pet Reporter is dedicated to providing accurate and fast posts for our community. Since Lost Pet Reporter started hundreds of pets have been reunited each year, and it’s because of hours of monitoring our pages 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So in an effort to grow, and help cover costs to promote Lost and Found pet postings through social media and costs associated with facebook’s billing for promoted posts to reach more people, we have come up with a great idea that we believe is a win / win situation. Lost Pet Reporter has a targeted audience based in the Lehigh Valley who share and interact with the postings. We believe the Lehigh Valley is an even better place to live with such a useful resource to our public, and we don’t want to ask for donations from our community; so we decided to create a cheap way to advertise to your local future customers by offering local businesses an opportunity to Sponsor a Post. This will help your business grow, and help us get more exposure for the pets and families in need.

What you get.

When a new Lost or Found Pet posting comes in, we will include your business as a sponsor of the posting to the community along with a link to your facebook page or website. Thousands of local people will see your business or practice in their facebook news feed, and will associate your business as a caring business that wants to help support our local community and make it a better place to live.

Statistics as of May 15th 2015

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Simply fill out the form below and we will advertise your business for a low fee to reach your local targeted audience. In return we will be able to pay facebook to boost the post reaching more people in the Lehigh Valley!

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