Pet Allergies

Ivan on his way to visit the vet.

Pet Allergies

 Pet Allergies can show up in many ways. Skin problems and ear problems are both very common signs of an allergy to something. The big word here is “Something” because it can be caused by several things but what is causing it is the mystery. In my case after several trips to the vet for my German Shepherd “Ivan” for the twice a year ear infections that has plagued him since he was a puppy has become an almost constant battle. Every year his ears seem to have a worse reactions than the year before so I reached out for advice. I was told by a local veterinarian that the most common allergy comes from the foods our pets eat. I was told to try different brands of dog food and look for grain free since the grains or basically fillers are what they can react to in addition to proteins.

So I tried a few major brands and paid a lot more for the dog food than before, but Ivan is my buddy and he is worth it. Unfortunately he still gets ear infections and we are back on antibiotics which will work for a while until it flares up again in a few months. Recently I was told to try a new brand developed by a veterinarian called Life’s Abundance because it was fresher than what you buy in the store, and bagged on a separate production line dedicated to grain free dog food. After researching the company based in Florida I decided to give them a try, and keeping my fingers crossed that it makes a difference.

Something else I liked was that you are on their email list, so if by chance there is a recall, you get notified right away rather than hearing about it on the news days later and I also found the company offers a home based pet business model for any entrepreneur minded people reading this who may be interested as well. So the battle of the ear infection continues and if you have any advice or experience with pet allergies feel free to comment on our facebook page. I am sure it would be very useful for many people who could be having the same problem with their pets.

I should also mention we have tried different types of meats like fish, duck, rabbit and lamb because of proteins that most commonly affect the skin but unfortunately  it made no difference in his case. Be sure to check with your veterinarian and ask questions because as in Ivan’s case there is not always a simple solution.



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