Municipal Dog Holding Pens

Municipal Dog Holding Pens

In light of some recent events on social media, we thought it would be a good idea to put some information out there that we are now realizing may not have been common knowledge about Municipal Dog Holding Pens.

These holding pens/dog kennels are not just for Lost or Found dogs. Dogs could be in these pens for a variety of reasons. They could be part of a legal investigation, or on a Dog Bite Quarantine Hold, and/or a variety of other reasons. Please note, that most of these areas are posted No Trespassing. In the event that it is not posted, it is always best to ask your Animal Control Officer or if no ACO, the Police Officers about the dog, or get permission to be on the property, and definitely get permission to be taking pictures of these dogs in the holding pens. If you do not get permission or the authorization to be posting pictures and information, you could be hindering an investigation or putting incorrect information out to the public. We all know that with social media, especially Facebook, these posts spread like wildfire. The reality is, you could be posting incorrect information, or putting a dog’s safety at risk.

Not to mention, good intentions or not, it is not necessarily a good idea to advertise the whereabouts of these dogs where they may have outside access to the public in the municipality runs/pens/kennels. These areas are regularly and under normal standards considered to be safe and contained environments. However, due to a situation that recently transpired, due to social media and false, unauthorized information, one of these normally, safe environments was compromised, and for his own safety, the dog had to be removed from the location. Foreign objects were found in the pen/kennel area, and luckily he had not eaten something he should not have. But due to the reaction of this dog, it is obvious that someone was there and maybe not having the best intentions.

While we realize the majority of the public wants to help these dogs get home to their families, it is very important that we don’t jeopardize their safety, while they are in a municipality holding pens/kennels. And please remember, not all these dogs are there because they are Lost or Found. Please ask permission to visit them or take photos, or even to post about them on social media. You could be putting them at risk for posting the wrong information about them, or putting them out in public view at all.

We hope this information was insightful and hopefully will shed a better light on what and why some of these dogs may not be advertised.

The Lost Pet Reporter Family

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